What Professionals Are Saying About Dr. Gravitz' Books

Mental Illness and the Family:  Unlocking the Doors to Triumph

Unlocking the Doors to Triumph is an inspirational book from cover to cover. In the self-help literature on mental health and illness, this book truly is a triumph. - Robert Epstein, Ph.D., West Coast Editor and former Editor-in-Chief of Psychology Today; University Research Professor, California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University

A brilliant and inspiring book. - Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and author, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. 

Dr. Gravitz teaches us how to reshape our relationship to trauma. He paves a path for us to move beyond devastation and chaos to discover more opportunities for positive transformation than we may ever have imagined possible. It is a work whose time has come.  - Rebecca Woolis, MFT, Author of When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness: A Handbook for Family, Friends, and Caregivers 

An indispensable resource for all those affected by mental illness. Individuals, their families, and providers alike will benefit greatly from the message of hope and healing and the practical suggestions contained in the book.  - Diane T. Marsh, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, author of Serious Mental Illness and the Family 

Before reading this book, many families would regard the notion of "triumph" to be an over-simplified oxymoronic idea. This book will present a whole new perspective of possibilities to actually achieve such a state. Dr Gravitz persuasively presents his hypothesis that families can indeed reach for triumph instead of succumbing to defeat when confronting a loved one's mental illness. Using parables and myths to illustrate a point as well as successful strategies used in other disciplines, he leads the reader through what he terms the "family odyssey" or journey to a "life worth living." This family friendly, easily read and understood book, has a rightful place on the bookshelf of anyone dealing with serious mental illnesses and other chronic high family impact illnesses and conditions.  - Ann Eldridge, President NAMI Southern Santa Barbara County

Facing Adversity: Words That Heal

Collections of wise sayings have been a staple throughout history. In this masterful compendium of healing words, organized around the recovery process, Dr. Gravitz once again takes the reader on a journey of inspiration, hope, and awareness. This book will surprise you, delight you, and help you heal.  - Rex Dickens, co-author of How to Cope With Mental Illness in Your Family

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: New Help for the Family 

Thanks very much for sending the copy of your lovely book.... I found it accurate and helpful. I think it will be particularly useful as families struggle with the issues of responsibility and guilt and move on to constructive work to live with this malady. Congratulations on your fine work.  - John Greist, M.D., Director, Obsessive-Compulsive Information Center Madison Institute of Medicine, Wisconsin

Thank you so much for sending me the copy of OCD: New Help for the Family. It certainly is the most complete book on the subject, and deals with it in an especially compassionate manner. I particularly liked the practicality of the book and the spiritual emphasis.  - Ian Osborn, M.D., Practicing psychiatrist and author of Tormenting Thoughts and Secret Rituals: The Hidden Epidemic of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 

Finally a book for families coping with OCD that gives practical solutions to a complex problem.... I didn't want to put this book down for it was providing me with coping skills and insight that I had never considered. The caring words and emotional tools will give families dealing with OCD choices, courage, and a large dose of hope.... - James Callner, President and founder, Awareness Foundation for OCD and Related Disorders and film director of "The Touching Tree" and "The Risk" New Help for the Family is like sitting in front of the fireplace on a winter's day sharing a cozy couch with your favorite uncle.

Herb Gravitz extrapolates an experienced and gentle history of teaching and treating persons in trauma into an approach for the family in recovery from OCD. A blend of Jung, the Twelve Steps, a touch of Eastern philosophy and a good dose of cognitive-behavioral therapy, OCD: New Help for the Family is an educational, spiritual, and behavioral treat.  - Diane Sands, President & CEO, Obsessive Compulsive & Spectrum Disorders Association

I think it [OCD: New Help for the Family] is great! I have recommended it to many people and also on the OCD List.  - Michael A. Jenike, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Recovery: A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics 

Gravitz and Bowden provide the first practical guide for adult children of alcoholics. Their creative description of the stages of recovery is especially useful. At last there is a rationale for deciding what issues and what treatment services are most relevant to each individual. Adult children of alcoholics will feel they have made two new friends by the time they have finished this very readable book.  - Timmen L. Cermak, M.D., Founding president, National Association for Children of Alcoholics 

Dr. Gravitz and Ms. Bowden have definitely filled a much-needed area for adult children of alcoholics in their new book. This is the first book that attempts to answer many of the 'silent' questions of the millions of adult children of alcoholics in our society. Their years of experience, perceptions, and sensitivities are obvious in this well-thought-out book.  - Robert Ackerman, Ph.D., Lecturer and author of Children of Alcoholics, the first book written on children of alcoholics 

One of the best [books on adult children of alcoholics] is this work by Julie D. Bowden and Herbert L. Gravitz. Their book is written in a clear, concise, easy-to-read question-and-answer format. As I travel around the country, I am continually asked questions very similar to the questions raised in this book. It will help me a great deal to be able to refer to their book in order to bring answers, ideas, and new information to the countless numbers of adult children who are so eager for clarity.  - Sharon Wegscheider-Cruise,

One of the founding mothers of the children of alcoholics' movement and author of the classic book, Another Chance: Hope and Health for the Alcoholic Family  If you only read one book on adult children of alcoholics this year, make this the one [Recovery: A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics].  - Awareness magazine

Radio Show Endorsements:

"A GREAT PERSON TO HAVE ON THE SHOW!!! Please have anyone call that needs references. Let us know when Dr. Gravitz is involved in anything new as we'd love to have him back. Dr. Epstein, editor of Psychology Today and radio show host, was extremely pleased. He was so calm and professional. JUST A GREAT GUEST."-- Psychology Today...Today, Eyada.com

"Dr. Gravitz takes the mysteries out of a stressful personal or family situation in a conversational and engaging way."-- Seekbooks, broadcast on 100+radio stations 

"Listener response was amazing! If you want to know about OCD, then Dr. Gravitz is the source you need."-- Kevin Stanfield, KSL Tonight, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Excellent, on the topic, knew his issues, spoke from a different perspective, gave a larger scope to the impact of OCD and a broader more compassionate focus, added a new dynamic. We want him back for a longer show."-- Jim Buchanan, WICC, Bridgeport, Connecticut

"He was really good - engaging, entertaining and thought provoking. We want to have him back."-- Jeff Whitaker, WRJM, Atlantic City, New Jersey