A personal message about Dr. Gravitz and his teachings

A Personal Message 

My father Dr. Herb Gravitz dedicated his life to helping other people.  After his death, it has been my goal to continue his legacy by making his teachings and valuable information available to as many as possible.  I hope that this site and his writings help you as they have helped many already.  -- Aaron Gravitz

This website offers hope when there is adversity in the family and specializes in the impact of illness, addiction, and trauma on the individual, the family, and society.

This site was created to offer timely and innovative knowledge to help you and your loved ones live a more meaningful, full, and triumphant life, regardless of your circumstances. This is a bold assertion, for when extreme difficulties strike, such as serious mental or physical illness, they can rip the heart, soul, and spirit from every member of the family. The key is to understand what distinguishes those who thrive in the midst of any situation from those who succumb to the perils of life's adversities.In a series of books, articles, pamphlets, and tapes, This website and its products are dedicated to the path that family members and other loved ones can take to triumph over family and life crises. These easily understood concepts can help anyone dealing with high-impact calamities to overcome adversity and create a life worth living. Regardless of your life situation, you will be shown a path of accelerated learning in order to do the following:

  • Discover how adversity can be the soil from which triumph springs
  • Maintain clarity in the midst of chaos
  • Use time-tested, proven strategies to move beyond life's hurts
  • Transform stressful, taxing emotions in order to experience new freedom and comfort
  • Uproot old resentments
  • See the bigger picture of life so that you don't become bogged down in daily struggles
  • Identify seven stages of healing, twelve coping strategies, and much more.

We you well on your journey and hope that you use this website as a resource in your journey to triumph over life's major wounds.